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Putting your care first.


Whether you’re in need of an eye exam, a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, or are suffering from an eye disease, our team of eye care professionals are here to help.


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Dr. Riddhi Gohel, your local eye doctor, is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care in Leander, TX.


We can’t wait to welcome to Wink Optical and Eye Care!




3651 Highway 183, Ste 190 Leander. TX 78641




We understand that urgent eye issues can arise unexpectedly. During clinic hours, our team is available to provide prompt attention and care for conditions such as red/pink eye, ocular pain, sudden vision changes, and more.


Dr. Gohel is “on call” for emergencies after hours. We prioritize comprehensive emergency eye care and have a network of providers for referrals when needed. Your ocular health and vision are our utmost concern. If you are unable to reach us for any reason and are experiencing an emergency please visit the emergency room. 


At Wink Optical and Eye Care, we understand the importance of immediate care for urgent eye issues. Whether you’re experiencing red/pink eye, ocular irritation/redness after overnight contact lens wear, ocular pain, sudden onset double vision, steamy/hazy/foggy vision, flashes of light, new onset floaters, or sudden loss of vision, we are here to provide prompt attention and comprehensive emergency eye care.

Urgent Eye Issues: Immediate Care and Attention

patient showing red eye to doctor
Emergency Eye Care During Clinic Hours

During our clinic hours, we offer comprehensive emergency eye care to address urgent eye issues. Our experienced team is equipped to handle a wide range of ocular emergencies, providing timely diagnosis, treatment, and relief. When you encounter an urgent eye problem, trust Wink Optical and Eye Care to deliver the immediate care and attention you need to protect your ocular health and preserve your vision.

After-Hours Emergencies

We understand that eye emergencies can occur outside of regular clinic hours. That’s why Dr. Gohel is available for any after-hours emergency messages. If you experience an urgent eye issue that requires immediate attention, simply reach out to us, and we will provide guidance and assistance. Your ocular health and well-being are our top priorities, even after regular clinic hours.

woman experiencing red eye
woman getting an eye exam
When to Seek Emergency Eye Care

Certain eye symptoms and conditions require urgent attention. If you’re experiencing red/pink eye, severe eye pain, sudden vision changes, flashes of light, or sudden loss of vision, it’s important to seek emergency eye care promptly. Delaying treatment in these situations can potentially lead to permanent vision loss or other complications. Don’t hesitate to contact Wink Optical and Eye Care for immediate assistance and reliable emergency eye care.

Referrals and Collaborative Care for Urgent Cases

In complex or specialized cases, Wink Optical and Eye Care has a strong network of trusted providers for referrals. If your urgent eye issue requires the expertise of a specialist or additional diagnostic tests, we will coordinate with the appropriate professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care. Our commitment to collaborative care ensures that you receive comprehensive and seamless management for your urgent eye condition.

patient receiving an eye drop
Picture of Dr. Riddhi Gohel, optometrist in Leander Texas

We are working to accept all major commercial medical insurance plans, vision insurance, and Medicaid. We give you options so you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your care!

*If you have medical or vision insurance, you will not qualify for the concierge care
program or the associated discounts. Failure to disclose this information truthfully could hold the person legally liable.


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3651 Highway 183, Ste 190 Leander. TX 78641


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Wink Optical and Eye Care will proudly serve the Leander, Cedar Park, Brushy Creek, Jonestown, and the entire Austin community.

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